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Any questions pertaing to your billing
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A comprehensive guide on how to manage cPanel and WHM for beginners to advance users. Picture references are included for a better understanding. >> Powered By Host NIT (1)
What does this mean? Host NIT., Inc owns ... Find out more if you still have questions..Most articles contain a video guide.
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All Knowledgebase/FAQ related items to Dedicated servers
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SSH is not the easiest language to use in any Linux based systems. We will post as many articles as we can to help users out with trying to learn the "command line" interface. Help artciles includes all types of Servers - cPanel, Windows, Barebone Linux, etc.
SSL (7)
SSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website.
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All Legal documents such as TOS, AUP, Uptime SLA, etc
Unmetered Bandwidth Explained
Unmetered?? What does it mean? Unmetered simply means that we will not cut you off at any point,...
What is Fantastico?
Fantastico De Luxeis the leading auto installer for cPanel servers. With more than 10,000...
What does >> Powered By Host NIT means? is simply an acquired domain/company that Host NIT bought over. We are NOT THE...
Definition of Network Flood on an UnMetered Line
Definition of Network Flood/ UnMetered Line Abuse   In computing, a denial-of-service...
How to Set Up Gmail For Your Own Domain(Picture Walkthrough)
Did you know that you can set up email accounts from your own domain using the power of the...